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École la Nouvelle Race (New Race School), Toukra, Chad

New Race School was established by Nigel and Lynn Whitehouse to serve the children of the Nomadic people in Toukra, Chad. Since its establishment the school, which serves pre-K to 6th grade, has grown to 500 students with 60% of them being girls. Over several years, Lynn and Nigel have been able to find support for the schools from family and friends and corporations operating in Chad. Unfortunately, Nigel suddenly passed in 2019 and Lynn had to return to Canada to be closer to family. Several companies including a Canadian oil company have left Chad. Trying to find supporters for the school has been challenging for Lynn being so far away from Chad. The Nomad school is now in jeopardy of being closed if they cannot find financial support. The Anika James Foundation would like to support the school and help them continue to provide education to some of the poorest and most vulnerable families in the area. It only cost $63.51 per month to provide salary for one teacher. It is our hope that, with your help, we can provide salary to a minimum of nine teachers at the New Race School every year.

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