supporting education and performing arts projects

Funding Criteria

Consistent with its mission to promote and enhance the education of young women and men, primarily through support and development of performing arts and educational initiatives and projects in largely underserved areas, the Anika James Foundation (Foundation) will operate in accordance with the below Funding Criteria.

Guiding Principles

The Foundation’s funding decisions will be guided by the following principles:
  • Education is a universal right
  • Education will eradicate poverty
  • Human diversity in all its forms should be appreciated and celebrated

Eligible Projects

The Foundation will support proposed and existing projects committed to its stated mission, with preference for projects that:
  • Are supported by the local community
  • Integrate performing arts and education
  • Demonstrate sustainability

Eligible Organizations

The Foundation will support a broad range of entities and efforts, at the discretion of its Board of Directors (Board), or designated Board-approved Committee, including but not limited to the following:
  • Organizations with nonprofit status, 501(c)(3), or equivalent
  • Organizations focusing on education
  • Performing Arts Funding Agencies, or equivalent
  • Individual artists

Project Requirements

The Foundation will require that all funded projects provide the Board or its designated Committee with the following:
  • Proposed operational plans (e.g., business plan)
  • Project budget
  • Annual Report(s)