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Kindergarten/Preschool and Scholarship Fund for Teachers to Attend University

In 2011 two programs at CORDE (Cambodian Organization for research, Development and Education) in Cambodia were funded.

  1. Kindergarten/Preschool:  In a research by the Education Office in Battambang, it was found that the children who did not attend pre-school were more likely to drop out of primary school.  Since there were no preschools in most of the villages and no financial resources in Education office, CORDE was invited to facilitate preschool through building capacity and using volunteers to become owners of community schools beginning with preschools and then evolving into full community school in an organic way.
  2. Scholarship Funds for Teachers to Attend Schools:  Access to higher education is a big challenge in Cambodia where students have to pay to take entrance exams and attend university.  This fund was used to provide financial assistance to youth who wanted to attend University for Education and Development (UniED).  The students paid part of their tuition in cash or kind and also served their community by education children and junior youths in their villages.