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The Anika James Library and Centers for Learning at Lide in Haiti

The Anika James Foundation is supporting Lide in Haiti through a grant that will provide Centers for Learning offering subject specific tutoring, a text-book library, workshops in learning skills, and opportunities for older youth to support the learning of younger members of their community through the service of tutoring and mentoring.

Picture for Library project at LIde HaitiThe Lidè Foundation promotes educational initiatives for adolescent girls and women who have been denied equal access to quality education. Founded by actor Rainn Wilson, writer Holiday Reinhorn, and learning and trauma specialist, Dr. Kathryn Janene Adams, Lidè collaborates with the communities where they work, training service-minded young adults and teachers from within the communities to provide arts and values-based education that improves resiliency while helping adolescent girls to recognize the strengths inside them, gain life skills, and to feel empowered and supported as they begin their educational journeys or transition back to school. The Lidè Foundation’s work in Haiti includes trainings, programs of “informal education” through the arts and academic scholarships. Lidè also partners with grassroots organization and international NGOs that help to provide the services needed for girls to live safe, healthy, and happy lives. With a belief in accompaniment through the process of individuals raising their own capacity, Lidè strives to develop a sustainable culture of learning, caring, and collaborating.

The objectives and activities of Lide Foundation fits perfectly with the mission of the Anika James Foundation which focuses on promoting and enhancing the education of young women and men, primarily through support and development of performing arts and educational initiatives in areas that are largely underserved.